Dealing stress interview

Stress Interview

Stressful situations are generally created by the interviewers to judge the real potential of the candidates. They tend to judge candidates behavior by giving adverse stressful situation. Through this, the employer wants to do a psychological assessment of candidate’s ability of bearing stress. For this stress assessment they fire multiple stressful questions on candidates

There can be questions like

  1. Can you work under pressure
  2. Ho do your deal with negative feedback from your boss
  3. How would you deal with criticism made on you by your manager
  4. Rate yourself on a success scale of 1 to 10.
  5. Why do you feel, you will be an asset for our company.
  6. How would  you deal with your weakness at work
  7. Why you have left your previous job.
  8. Why are you unemployed from so long
  9. Don’t you think you are over qualified for this job
  10. If you have to work for a month without salary, will you do that
  11. Why should I hire you ?

In order to deal stress interview, you should practice your interview before for minimizing the level of stress. The hiring manager wants to see the best of you, therefore you should be calm, confident & focused in order to face the stress tactics imposed by the manager. It is also, essential to identify and deal with the situations which cause stress because it is going to be a part of your every day job.

Tips for dealing stress interviews

  • Always Refrain from being offended at the interview and learn how to handle criticism a
  • Improve your reasoning, analytical & interpersonal skill. The hiring manager  wants to see how well you communicate with others at workplace.
  • Listen and focus on what interviewer says and then answer his question.
  • Ask questions from interviewer in order to improve your understanding for the job
  • Demonstrate to hiring manager about your good people and time management skill. Also demonstrate him how well and effectively you managed the projects in the past.
  • Do not let your negative points come in front of the hiring manager.

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